Dear Brethren,
Warm greetings in the name of our living and Loving Lord Jesus Christ!

At the very outset, I would like to express my deepest thanks to the Operation Barnabas for their continued support in transforming people’s lives, for His glory.

Our lives turned topsy-turvy when my wife met with an accident. On 6th April 2018 the Scooty moped she was riding was hit by a vehicle and her left leg got fractured. After a few tests the doctor operated on her left leg and inserted a 9-inch long steel plate. By God’s grace and support from Operation Barnabas we could overcome one of our most difficult times.

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Mr. Achintya Ghosh, Shristinagar,WB

Dear brother in Christ,
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have received your

loving gift Rs. 20,000 for my daughter’s wedding. Thank you for your prayers and practical help.
We are praying for you and your ministry.

Mr. S Prakasham, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. 17-10-2019.

Dear loving brethren in Christ,
I am writing this to express my praise and thanks giving to eternal God the only Saviour Jesus Christ.
I thank each one of you in Operation Barnabas for the Medical Aid Programme. I have received the full amount which I had spent at the time of my leg operation. I am new in the field and from a Hindus family. Yet the Lord had provided for my needs through Operation Barnabas. My heart is filled with joy and I know the Lord will reward you all according to His greatness. Since I am new in the mission field the Medical Aid Programme has encouraged me a lot. I bow before my Lord for His blessing and desire to live for His glory alone. Please pray for me.

Mr. Anish Singh Parihar, Kanpur, UP. 16-7-2019

Dear brother in Christ,
Thank you for your gift of Rs. 15,000 for my daughter’s education. I and my family thank the Lord for the help rendered through you. Convey my thanks to all in your committee also. I pray that the Lord may continually bless your ministry.

Mr. Ravinandan, Chamarajnagar, Karnataka. 15-7-2019

Dear Bro. Roy

My both kidneys stopped functioning three months ago. Now I am undergoing Dialysis three times a week. When I was admitted in hospital the entire hospital bill Rs. 1.25 lakh was paid by Operation Barnabas. I am much thankful to OB for making such a wonderful system for evangelists.
I need around Rs. 35520 a month for my treatment. I am unable to bear this high cost. So I request you to consider my case and continue to help.

Mr. M. A. Paulose, Angamali, Kerala. 5-8-2019

Dear Brother in Christ,
During the vacation this year my son and daughter underwent surgery. Operation Barnabas’ Medical Plan was a great help to me. We thank God and also Operation Barnabas for such a wonderful programme for evangelists. The timely support was very great. We continue to pray for OB and all its staff.

Mr Tomy Kuriokose, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. 31-7-2019