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Founder's Note

Roy T Daniel
Roy T Daniel

We are thankful to the Lord for the past 25 years through which He led us without fail and has blessed the ministry of Operation Barnabas to be a blessing to thousands of our commended workers and assemblies. All glory to Him.
We would like to acknowledge the tremendous amount of help and prayer support we have received from many of you, without which we would not have reached here.
As we celebrate 25 years of God’s faithfulness, my memories go back to the humble beginnings of a successful story. It was while my wife and I were waiting for a flight back to our home in Regina, Canada after a successful job interview that the call of the Lord came to us through Jeremiah 42: 15-16. It did not surprise us as it was the “Rhema” that we were seeking and praying for the past seven years.
So right there we prayed and committed our lives to serve Him in India. But the great dilemma was: how can a man with “stammering tongue and few words” be of any use to God in India?

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Executive Trustee's Note

Anil Rajan
Anil T Rajan

Operation Barnabas: Rejuvenated & Re-energized
The endeavor and purpose have been that how we could re-invent the wheel to be more effective by aligning ourselves with the latest rules and regulations and at the same time be more helpful to the beneficiaries.
To improve is to change; and to be perfect is to change often in line with upcoming needs and challenges. This stands true for everything in life. Change is always difficult and has been the case always, but the need of the hour is to step up to each of these changes & challenges in a positive manner and continue to be more fervent in our mission.
OB has moved from a fund distribution model to a need-based support model. This model we believe will be extremely helpful and is more transparent. It works clearly to meet the major needs of the workers.
To make the case in point a medical need, education need or a social need (house reconstruction due to calamity) has the following characteristics:

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