Literature & Publishing Project

The first task in this area was the publication of Ryrie Study Bible in Hindi. OB partnered with “Project Ezra” team in accomplishing the gigantic task which was the dream project of many of the leading brethren in the Assemblies in North India. Another major task undertaken by “Project Ezra” team is the translation and production of BBC by William MacDonald in Hindi. The gospels are completed and printed. Several other books by renowned Assembly authors were also translated into Hindi and published and some others are in the pipeline.

The translation of the Bible in to different regional languages and tribal languages had been the main focus in the evangelization of any land. In India though we have the complete Bible in all major languages there are several tribal languages which do not have a portion of the Bible. Many of these languages do not even have scripts. OB has the privilege of partnering with a team of 35 men working on such projects in different parts of India.

“Insight India” is our standard publication. It is a bimonthly started with the purpose of introducing the unknown workers in India to the general body of believers for support and prayer. It has been an eye-opener to the believers. Following that we also published a “Prayer Handbook” with details of all the commended workers in India. It is the resource that everyone looks up to when they need to have any information about a worker and is used in most assemblies for prayer and distribution of funds. It is renewed in every three years.