OB Foundation

OB Vision

“Serving those who serve.”

Serving the Lord’s servants and encouraging them through practical means. Our logo is a graphic of Exodus 17:11-13. The ministry of Aaron and Hur; helping those who lead His people to hold their hands up for victory are much essential today for the final victory.

Barnabas in the New Testament is the son of encouragement. It was Barnabas who first received Paul and introduced him to the apostles. He played an important role in recognizing that the movement in Antioch was of the Lord. He with other brethren reported the great work of God among the Gentiles to many brethren and elders in Jerusalem. His continued interest in John Mark rescued him from possible uselessness and encouraged him for greater service.
The Lord is enabling us to do this ministry of encouragement in a humble way.

Our Mission

Encourage, Equip & Sustain the emissaries in their endeavour to fulfill the Great Commission.

The Focus Areas

Based on the major needs of workers and the present scenario in India we have prayerfully decided to focus on 5 major areas that would give the Lord’s workers relief, sustenance and development:

  • Health and Medical: Medical Aid Plan
  • Children’s Education: Education Aid Plan
  • Social Welfare: Social Welfare Action Plan
  • Literature & Publishing Project
  • Training & Development Project

OB Values

Integrity Values


Compassion Values


Commitment Values


Excellence Values


Accountability Values


OB Core Strength

Active understanding of the mission

Continuous Development

Reach and Need-based

OB's Journey

Established in 1994 at Bangalore, the Operation Barnabas (OB) ministry serves the commended Assembly workers in India. The Lord has been adding new responsibilities time to time and has blessed the ministry and the workers in the past 24 years of OB’s existence.

  • 1994

    Publishing Insight India Magazine

  • 1996

    Trust Registration

  • 1997

    Production of film on Assembly work

  • 1997

    Fund Distribution

  • 2002

    FCRA registration

  • 2002

    Prayer Handbook

  • 2004

    Tsunami Relief- Kerala

  • 2008

    Khandaman Riot Relief -Odisha

  • 2008

    Ryrie Study Bible (Hindi)

  • 2011

    24 Assembly Project

  • 2015

    Medical Insurance with STAR

  • 2016

    Vision Impact Conference for workers

  • 2017

    MAP & EAP

  • 2019

    Training E2S

  • 2019

    Barnabas Centre Mission Exposure & Training