Mr. Edd Seed, Bethany Gospel Chapel, Regina,Sask, Canada

Mr. Edd Seed

We the members of Bethany Gospel Chapel, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, send our greetings to all who share this time of celebration with Operation Barnabas. Since sending Roy and Bizy Daniel out to India in 1994, we have watched their ministry reports with interest and encouragement. Of particular interest to us, is their project Operation Barnabas that involves helping the servants of God in India.

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Mr. Johnson P. V., Mamala, Kerala

Johnson P. V

As Lord’s servants around India we give thanks to the Lord for the ministry of Operation Barnabas Brother Roy left his job and privileges in Canada and came to India with a mission to encourage, support and raise prayer support for the evangelists in India. He knew that this great task could not be done alone and as a family they sought the guidance of the Lord. Thus, the ministry of Operation Barnabas was born.

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Mr. C.P.Mathew, Odisha


“As we have therefore opportunity let us do good unto all men especially unto them who are of the household of faith” Galatians 6:10 I praise God for the ministry of the ministry of Operation Barnabas in their service to the servants of God in India. As I look back from its inception, OB has played a vital role in the Lord’s work in India. They started to introduce the workers to the body of believers through Insight India magazine at a time many of the local workers were unknown to the mission minded believers.

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Mr. Shalu T Ninan, Bhilai, Chattisgarh

Shalu T Ninan

FRUITFUL PERSISTENCE Colin Powell once said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” The ministry of the Lord through Operation Barnabas completing 25 years is the result of sweat, determination and hard work, needless to say trusting in our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ and going onward. The support of the brethren in India and world-wide has contributed to the progress of this ministry. I recollect those days when Bro. Roy T. Daniel took the vision of introducing the Lord’s servants of the Brethren Assemblies to the brethren around the globe.

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Mr. George Koshy, Mylapra, Kerala

George Koshy

Barnabas, the encouraging early Church leader is one of my all-time favourite Bible characters. Acts presents the evangelizing apostle and church leader Barnabas as a model of integrity and character. Calling him a good man (Acts 11:24), a prophet and teacher (13:1), an apostle (14:14) and one through whom God worked miracles (15:12), Acts loads him with accolades. Acts recounts the times he faced persecution (13:45; 14:19) and risked his life for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (15:26). Barnabas believed Saul truly knew the Lord (9:27), saw the potential of his kinsman John Mark (12:25), and championed them both at different times (11:25-26; 15:36-41). 1 Corinthians 9:6 affirms his character by noting he worked while serving congregations in order not to burden them.

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Mr. Varughese Abraham,Kanpur, UP

Varughese Abraham

Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you Joshua 1:3 As Operation Barnabas is completing 25 years of service, I take the opportunity to congratulate them in their glorious service for the Master and for the servants in His vineyard. It is well commendable that they are sincerely serving for the workers and their needs. I appreciate their commitment in the fact of insuring each worker for medical needs, which is essential. With a humble heart I remember each workers those who are involved in the ministry in my constant prayers. And I wish them great achievements in the coming future as you are celebrating 25th years of His faithfulness. Yours in His Glorious Service

Mr. John D. Moses, Kurnool, AP

John D. Moses

OB work in TELUGU STATES of India I praise God for His faithfulness towards the ministry of Operation Barnabas. It was in June 1995, I met Bro. Roy T. Daniel in Coimbatore at NCT Camp and came to know his burden for the assemblies and workers in India. Since then I had the privilege of working closely with OB and getting involved with many of their projects in Telugu area. Praise God for the way He has used OB to be a blessing to many workers and also believers in our Telugu States. I would like to mention some of the work they have done in our Telugu states. Through the publishing of PRAYER HAND BOOK, many Workers working for the Lord in interior places were brought to the knowledge of believers around the world which resulted in improving the prayer and financial support to the workers.

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Mr. Benny Kurian, Sironcha, Maharashtra

Benny Kurian

True to its name, I must reiterate that Operation Barnabas has been a ‘son of encouragement’ especially to the Brethren working among the tribes in district Gadchiroli of Maharashtra state, India since the last 10 years. Our activities include translating the word of God into a hitherto unwritten language called Gondi spoken by the Gond tribals in the region. The translation of the New Testament in to Gondi is slated to complete next year. The Jeevan Jyothi Children’s Hostel has been a place where underprivileged kids are able to stay and study academics in addition to acquiring basic moral teaching from the word of God.

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Mr. Sajeev Varghese, Puthuppally, Kerala

Sajeev Varghese

Praise God for Operation Barnabas and it’s various ministries. True to the name this ministry is a comfort to many believers and evangelists who are labouring in various parts of India As far as I Know, it was the result of a special vision from the Lord to the concerned people to start the ministry. They took up that burden and, in many ways, they work for God’s glory. The Prayer handbook published by OB is one of the means through which commended workers are introduced to many believers who seek to help the workers, and it motivates and challenges many to get involved in the mission work. I personally heard the testimonies of many evangelists, who have been benefited from the MAP and EAP plans through which OB is trying to help the workers.

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Mr.Jose Mathews, Mangalore

Jose Mathews

It was over two decades ago, I came across a Christian magazine ‘Insight India Journal’, a well articulated and beautifully designed publication from Bangalore. Then it was under the leadership of Br. Roy T Daniel, who took the initiative to introduce some of the very less known Evangelists labouring for the Lord in many remote areas of India, through the magazine. The live testimonies, ministry details and the introduction of the families of such servants of the Lord, appeared in the ‘Insight India Journal’, served as a great encouragement to these evangelists often.

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