Benny Kurian

Mr. Benny Kurian, Sironcha, Maharashtra

True to its name, I must reiterate that Operation Barnabas has been a ‘son of encouragement’ especially to the Brethren working among the tribes in district Gadchiroli of Maharashtra state, India since the last 10 years. Our activities include translating the word of God into a hitherto unwritten language called Gondi spoken by the Gond tribals in the region. The translation of the New Testament in to Gondi is slated to complete next year. The Jeevan Jyothi Children’s Hostel has been a place where underprivileged kids are able to stay and study academics in addition to acquiring basic moral teaching from the word of God. Assemblies have come up in 20 villages in our region as a result of the hard work of 19 people in our team. We are looking forward to develop a campus for training and further activities. We greatly appreciate the contributions that brethren from around the world has sacrificially made towards establishing the kingdom of God in the hearts of many. Your continual prayers for ministries in such places done through Operation Barnabas would be greatly appreciated.

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